Mission, Vision and Values


We are prompted by the values of the Gospel and the Mercy tradition, to give voice to people whose stories are untold, to foster social cohesion and action for justice through the creation of compelling forms of digital communication and storytelling. We assist people to tell their stories in clear, informative and engaging ways through rich media and the interactivity of digital formats. We call this “digital story telling”.


Connecting many voices to make a difference using multimedia to give unheard voices in our community a chance to tell their stories and build on‐going dialogue between people to develop a more just and compassionate society.


Within the context of this vision and mission the objectives of Fraynework are as follows:

  • Bringing the Gospel values of Jesus Christ to life through multiple expressions of digital communication
  • Creating a digital communications platform and hub for Mercy communication throughout the world, with a particular emphasis on relieving extreme poverty and dispossession in all its forms from homelessness to loss of homeland.
  • Assisting community based organisations to express their vision, mission and values through multiple forms of media using the most compelling design, functionality and storytelling.
  • Producing high quality and engaging digital resources for education organisations, schools and colleges
  • Creating avenues through music, video and web production for young Indigenous people and for Indigenous organisations to tell their stories, express their culture and engage a broader audience in supporting their empowerment and addressing their disadvantage.
  • Training community based organisations to use the technologies developed for their communication needs


Fraynework values the depth, richness and creative potential of diverse cultures, both within Australia and in those areas of the world where we are invited to assist people in the telling of their stories through digital means. This drives the following values:

  • Bringing the Gospel to life
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Spiritual encounter
  • Mutual respect and understanding
  • Compassionate response