Based in Melbourne Australia, Fraynework works closely with our clients to develop creatively focused digital communication solutions.

As a professional services organisation providing creative and technical solutions, Fraynework establishes a close working relationship with our clients – we gain an understanding of their issues and are proactive in providing the appropriate communications solution.

Fraynework works to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies to ensure that leading edge and best practice solutions are provided to our diverse client base. We are committed to ensuring that project objectives are achieved using appropriate methodologies and technologies.


Fraynework is a creatively focused, multimedia and communications solutions provider working with a broad range of clients in the Not for Profit, Education, Religious and Social Enterprise sectors along with other values based initiatives in the Corporate and Government realms.

Fraynework provides multimedia solutions, producing high quality, award winning interactive Responsive Websites, database driven Web Applications, Mobile Applications, E-Learning Resources, Print, Branding and Video.


Fraynework’s development team and project leadership personnel are well versed in complex website developments having now delivered in excess of 400 web based solutions.

We have worked with a range of clients in various sectors over the last 20 years in establishing online systems to meet the communication and business goals of these organisations.

The Fraynework team prides itself on understanding the business processes and content requirements of each client. In order to provide a robust, focused solution, we have worked with international, national and local organisations in establishing appropriate communication solutions.

Our design team has a clear focus on user experience, whether the project is large scale or small scale, ensuring that the needs of the primary audience and objectives are at the forefront of all interface design.

The interactive projects that we deliver start with a significant consultancy or requirements gathering phase. This is fundamental to our work as we seek to understand the stories, motivations, needs and opportunities that exist for all of our clients and their stakeholders.

The focus of our work is generally within the Not for Profit sector as we regularly work with Community organisations, Education and Health agencies as well as Religious and the Indigenous community. We understand the particular needs of the not for profit sector and have a proven track record in delivering appropriate solutions for a diverse range of clients.

Fraynework has worked with a number of community based organisations, education entities and religious groups to provide websites which are easy to navigate and which enable the sourcing and sharing of information.

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